There is no point in educational reforms, we just need a new system

“If true commitment to the people, involving the transformation of the reality by which they are oppressed, requires a theory of transforming action, this theory cannot fail to assign the people a fundamental role in the transformation process,”Paulo Freire writes in his classic text: Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

It is no secret that the black population is disproportionately represented in American schools, and one of the biggest reasons for that is most do not fit into the current scheme of things. A lot of the guiding principles in place alienate black people from schools.

Over the centuries there have been multiple reforms meant to make its education more conducive for black people, but a lot of those reforms have failed in achieving that purpose. At the end of the day, the system in place right now was built for white children, and no amount of reforms will ever change that.

What the Black population needs is a completely new system and tailored specifically to meet the needs of the impoverished Black Americans. There is no doubt that a number of Black kids in America today cannot learn in the same climate as the white kids, given their cultural differences and background. Most black kids need special care and attention, more so than most other kids do, and they do not get it.

There is no doubt the Black population faces a lot of challenges. The worst of them is related to violence. Most schools are unwilling to invest time and effort to give these children a proper education, as they are more interested in competing effectively with other schools. They forget that given the background of most Black children, they are unable to compete effectively with other kids.

We need a new system in order to change this pattern of things. One that focuses exclusively on the Black and brown populations and the issues faced by children of color face while pursuing education. This is the only way people of color can be given the same opportunity to compete effectively and become productive members of society.

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