BBQ In Remembrance Of James ‘Nate’ Greer

“Nate was the BBQ'er of the family. So I am recruiting people to help out on the grill for the BBQ on July 30th”, said Deana Greer, whose beloved husband was executed by police after being pulled over for a field sobriety test.

James Greer widow, Deana Greer, has organized a BBQ meeting for everyone who wants to pay a tribute to the deceased husband and father and to discuss own stories.  Deana explained her decision to organize a small event, saying, “my idea was to have a safe place where people could gather and talk and just sit and relax and actually tell each other about their story and what happened.”

She mentioned that rallies and events, where family members usually meet each other, are too chaotic for calm conversations.

Answering to a question about event’s motto Deana said, “Actually right now we just made it ‘Celebrating the lives of all our lost loved ones who were killed by police violence.’ I named it ‘A day to remember.’” 

BBQ attendees, some of whom have also lost their beloved ones due to police brutality, disposed of one of the banners they made in front of the police department, which provoked a little push back. The banner reads, “JUSTICE FOR JAMES MCGREER KILLED BY HAYWARD AND BART POLICE, MAY 23RD 2014.”  Police officers complained about the banner, claiming that people need a permit to hang it. However, when family members told them that they didn’t have any, police retracted.

Deana says they have a board where people are adding photos of their loved ones and also have buttons and some balloons. They are going to have a balloon release later after writing the names of everyone who was killed by the police on them.

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