14th Ward Councilman To Introduce “Blue Lives Matter” Bill

14th Ward Chicago Councilman Edward M. Burke announced Monday, June 6, his plan to enact a bill that will protect Cops in hate crimes.

Burke and five other councilmen will introduce a new hate crime bill that will protect police officers, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and firefighters in crimes and violence.

The current hate crime law in Chicago State affects those who target victims either because of their race, religion, sexual orientation or mental disability. But Burke said that there is a need to also protect police officers, who respond to violent crimes in the state and also punish citizens who try to interfere with their work.

Each day, police officers and firefighters put their lives on the line to ensure our well-being and security. It is the goal of this ordinance to give prosecutors and judges every tool to punish those who interfere with, or threaten or physically assault our public safety personnel,” Burke said.

Burke’s bill, he intends to introduce, includes changing hate crime fines from $500 to $2,500 and adding six months imprisonment for defaulters.

The President of Chicago Firefighters Union Local 2, Thomas Ryan, gave his approval for the Blue Lives Matter bill to take effect.

If that bill will come into law, taking cellphone videos might even lead you to jail, as officers would accuse you of interfering with their job. It should never happen, police officers are enjoying all the privileges over community members and this tendency should be suppressed but not appreciated.

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