Meet the First SKWAD 55 Podcast

Our new brand SKWAD55 gathers strong Black voices.

We are glad to announce that our new project called SKWAD55 has been launched.

The aim of the project is to gather voices of street artists, rappers, poets, and creative Black people and to make these voices matter!

The first podcast is ready and you can listen to it below via sound cloud. Delightful music from the streets strait to your hearts!

In the first podcast we included the following tracks:

Brandon Sebastien  – Close to home


Shajne Smith – How Do We Rise


There is a story behind each of these powerful masterpieces. Wanna learn it? Listen to the podcast.

“My mission in music, oration, literature, or anything I do is to raise the consciousness of our people so we have the mentality to do for ourselves. We need our own economic, educational, medical, judicial, and agriculture infrastructures. If we continue to rely on the same system that oppresses us we will never be truly free,” Shajne Smith, one of the authors wrote.

We can’t help but agree with Shajne. With the power of art we can make changes happen!

We intend the podcast to be a regular thing, so follow SKWAD55 on all social media not to miss the Friday podcast every week:

Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr

If you are an artist we are happy to make your voice sound loud and clear. Send us your bio and audio via contact form.

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