Black Students Are Not Welcome At American Schools

Your risk to be suspended from a public school is four times bigger, if you are black.

America is the country of equal opportunities but by word of mouth only. In reality we face disparities including racial discrimination every step of the way.

For example, U.S. Education Department found out that black K-12 students (studying from kindergarten to 12th grade) were four times more likely to be suspended from public schools than white students.

Other signs of inequality were also detected.

Education Secretary John King said the data collected for 2013-14 school year “illustrate in powerful and troubling ways disparities in opportunities and experiences that different groups of students have in our schools.”

Black students had almost twice bigger chances to be expelled from schools than their white counterparts. Moreover, schools with predominantly black and Latino population tended to offer fewer subjects. Less than a half of those schools had physics on the curriculum. Only 5% of white students were in schools with high percentage of inexperienced teachers compared to 11% of black students.

This list is infinite but for us the consequence is more interesting than the reasons. The situation described above definitely leads to the lack of well-educated people in the communities of color, which later results in low income, high unemployment, and high mortality and so on. Black people literally die out, because most of them cannot afford a family, though they continue to pay taxes and calmly service the system. Besides, after being expelled youth with almost 100% probability gets into school-to-prison pipeline.

The question remains: who benefits from us and our kids?

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