White on White Crime

What get overlooked in America constantly? White-on-White.

But hey, statistics doesn’t lie, right? According to the FBI’s current– recent homicide numbers, from 2011, about 83 percent of White people were killed by other Whites— killings done by Blacks killing Whites only about 14 percent); Whites are the majority in the United States, it’s more Whites than any other races, here in America— there are six times as many whites as there are Blacks, so course Whites commit the most killings. As shocking as it may be, it shouldn’t come as a surprise; yet such facts about White people is commonly overlooked.


White-on-White crime, almost never get any recognition from the News– are any media in general. Many writers, journalist, reporters, that write about crime or violence, mainly focus on crime, done by Black people and in Black neighborhoods— referring to such crime done by Blacks as “savage” or“pathetic.” However, not one person would dare mention or even acknowledge that whites are killed by whites, more than ever; and how Whites commit the most and worst crimes.

It’s insane the way people openly throw the phrase “Black-on-Black crime,” which is overused. Where do they get off with the idea that somehow Blacks more inclined to violence and are more likely to commit it.

But of course, that’s a lie. According to the FBI, Census data, and other reliable sources (DOJ), the most violent and dangerous person in America are Whites.

Yet the media is so fascinated by Black-on-Black crime, and portraying that Blacks are savages and violent people, that they tricked the masses into believing it. Somehow, the Media and Whites gave the impression that their lives are at risk and in danger, because of Blacks. But truth speaks, statistics show that from 2010, White people killed other White people about 3,252 times; which is, in matter of fact 4.6 times more than the number of White people killed by Black folks.

White people are more incumbent to violent crimes. They more likely to get arrested for aggravated assault, leading Blacks 2-1 in arrests, in rape cases, white people are ahead of all races more than 2-1(not even counting the unreported rape cases on White college campus and etc.); and in larceny theft, whites are ahead of Blacks– more than 2-1. So according to truth and proper statistic, Blacks by all means, should begin to shoot suspicious white people in Black neighborhoods, for fear that their woman would be raped or assaulted or murdered— or call the cops. Just how Whites do to Blacks, that seem suspect of being a gang banger, drug dealer and robber.

White-on-White crime is a phenomenon, yet gets overlooked and unacknowledged by the media and even the president’s. Frankly, White-on-White Crime is extremely out of control.

But, of course looking back on America’s history, it’s not uncommon for Americans (White people), to glorify White violence.

If you go inside any US Capitol even in schools, you’ll find multiple documents, monuments, and pictures of Whites killing and besides slaves death– their most killings were white deaths. All over the country were white people killing Blacks and get praised for it.


People like to refute claims of White-on-White crimes, by saying “Well, Blacks kill more Blacks, than Whites killing Whites, and Whites killing Blacks.” Which is true, Blacks do kill each other more than White skill them.

But if you pack people in a close out community, limited to mediocre education, and constantly pushing drugs and guns (and who provide Blacks with guns and drugs?) into the neighborhoods, yes, killing amongst themselves would happen extremely often. Don’t forget Blacks are more likely to be killed by cops than Whites— they’re approximately 21 times more likely to be killed by police than Whites. but let’s not forget the killings that been covered up, tampered with, and undocumented.

Lets forget about the killings of who and how many killed who, although it’s a problematic situation; Don’t stir clear, of the crimes that Whites done, besides killing.

What gets blood boil, is how people actually read statistical facts. Most people read it to fit their opinions– Black-on-Black crimes is at its highest, right; but there can be number of factors on why the crime rate is high. Poverty and incarceration can be one of the reasons.

What’s rankle about what people are saying, is that poverty from Blacks can’t be a factor, because Whites are more in poverty than Blacks— that’s correct, but you have to realize, Whites are 66.2% of the American population, Blacks are only 13%.

Let’s do the math:

There’s about 38,929,319 Blacks in America or a little more; out of 38,929,319, 47.5% are in poverty, that’s 18,569,285 Blacks in poverty so minus the 38,929,319 with 18,569,285 and you’ll have 20,360,034 of Blacks that’s doing well, right? wrong out of 38,929,319, 1,000,000 are incarcerated. Making a million of Black people with criminal records. 13.2% of 38,929,319 Blacks are unemployed, that’s 5,138,670 Blacks that’s jobless.

So, 38,929,319 of Blacks in America, subtracted by poverty, incarceration, and unemployment, making the Black race only 14,221,364, that’s supposedly good, employed, or in school, or just above the poverty line. 14,221,364.

The reason for such numbers, is to prove that 24,707,955 of those Blacks are left to relay on crime in order to make a living and/or protect themselves from others that’s doing the same.

The problem with White people in America, they can’t take blame; in order to throw tension off of them about crime or violence or rape, etc. they mention Black-on-Black crime, and everyone would be so fascinated about how 13% can do so much crime— forgetting that most of every system and media works for Whites and against Blacks.

Ex. of this is both Blacks and Whites use weed at the same rate, but Blacks are more likely to get arrested and put to jail for the possession of it, while Whites get off not arrested. Same with rape, White men rape more Black woman (more woman of any race) than Black men raping Black woman or White woman combined. Except, when White men rape a Black woman, it’s 9 times out of 10 to not get reported and if it does, 98% of the time the White man gets off without conviction or punishment. If you think this isn’t true, think Daniel Holtzclaw, having over 30 cases of serial raping Black woman, that was unreported (where was the feminist at then?).

Overall, as much as Black crimes are a problem, White crimes are as well – probably the most dangerous, because it goes unreported. But before you go out to say Black-on-Black crime, acknowledge the crime Whites are doing and other races.

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Author: Raki Jordan

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