Michael Jordan Breaks Silence On Police Violence Against Blacks

“I can no longer stay silent. I have been deeply troubled by the deaths of African Americans at the hands of law enforcement and angered by the cowardly and hateful targeting and killing of police officers”

It is much impacting and result-achieving when Black legends add their voices to the fight on racism, police brutalities and injustices. It is one of such personalities who rose to the occasion to help fight police-Black community violence. And it so happened to be the basketball legend, Michael Jordan.

The legend made great donations to the groups whose target is to foster good relations between the police and the Black community. Michael Jordan in the wake of events has finally added not only his voice but also his hard-earned resources to see to the end of this recent violence.

At a press release, the legend breaks his silence as he openly said in a one-page statement “I can no longer stay silent”. The legend mentioned a few of the recent deaths of Blacks including Alton Sterling and Philando Castile and also made mention of how grievous he is to have learnt of the shooting of a number of police officers. All in the name of Police-Black community violence.

Sharing his own side of the violence, Michael mentioned that he lost his dad in a senseless act of violence. As such, he believes it’s about time he helps save the situation and help preserve as many Black lives as possible.

Wanting to see an immediate end to these brutalities and violence, the millionaire donated $1M each to these police –Black community peace fostering groups: the International Association of Chief of Police’s group and the Legal Defense Fund. The receiving groups couldn’t hide their surprise at the goodwill of the NBA legend and subsequently expressed their profound gratitude to the Legend.

It is worth noting that police brutality is one of the most pressing issues affecting Black communities. Just as Jordan has shown great solidarity to ending the violence, we are all encouraged to join forces whether with our resources or voices to strongly fight against racism, oppression and injustice shown to the Black community.

We are all urged to take good lessons from the goodwill of Michael towards solving societal issues. Unlike other public figures that wouldn’t aid the Black communities in anything, Michael has set the pace and we therefore encourage all Black well-to-do heroes to follow suit. Thumbs up to the NBA legend.

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