Black Teens Offer Free Lawn-Mowing Services In Neighborhood

What was meant to be a punishment for Black teen, Travis Durham, became a hobby for him, his brothers and cousin.

Travis Durham was asked by his mom, Barbara Wilson, to mow neighbors’ lawns for free as a punishment, which ended up liking it so much and even taking it as a hobby, convincing his two brothers and cousin, Demontae, Thomas and Alan, to help him get a free lawn-mowing service for their community.

Travis said during an interview, “We doing it for the community, people who can’t get out and do it. And I got my brothers involved ’cause I kind of showed them and told them the good effects.”

The teens move house-to-house to help clean lawns for community members, even though not all neighbors welcome their gesture.

Wilson explained that “because they’re young Black males, people are a little afraid to open their door. They just shut the door; [say] ‘No thank you.’ They don’t even give them a chance to tell them, ‘It’s free; we want to stay out of trouble, we just want to take care of our community.’”

Durham and his brothers and cousin, through the help of social media, are now accepting donations that will be used to buy fuel and more equipment. As of Monday, July 25, their GoFundMe has raised $72,330 (of $6,000 goal) and also welcomed young man to follow their example.

Kids like these are the future of Black communities. They teach us to be united and to take care of each other. It’s especially important in nowadays hard times when Black people are oppressed by police and government.

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