Creations By Toni

We are glad to present to you our partner Creations By Toni. Support Black businesses with us!

I’m Toni Brundage, owner and designer at Creations By Toni. I design handmade jewellery. I have not had any formal teaching in designing jewellery. Everything I know is self-taught. I have always been a creative person.

The idea to start making jewellery came when I was unable to find a piece of jewellery that I liked.  I set out in search of jewellery that was different but struggled to find quality, pleasing pieces that wasn’t mass produced. In 2007, I asked my husband to give me money for beads for Mother’s Day. Initially, I began making jewellery as a hobby. That all changed after my husband was diagnosed with cancer, multiple myeloma. I then pursued a way to sell my jewellery to help supplement the income. Read more here…



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