Stay Off Black-Related Websites: Blacks Warn

Non-Black people who post racist comments on Black- Related websites have been urged to stay off

Little did we expect that white folks will take a grave interest in Black affairs. It would have been great if the interest they show in Black matters is positive. On the contrary, it is an interest of dirty intents championed at insulting and destroying the Black community.

More intriguing is the fact that these white folks are noticed on black websites on a daily basis were just one and same agenda as always to destroy the Black community further with racist comments in the comment space of our black websites.

Such a conduct by the people with ‘white faces and pink noses’, is very insulting to the Black community even as we tighten the fight against racism  and Black oppression, police brutalities among others. We ask the white community to clearly stay off our affairs and desist from posting racist comments on our websites. The Black community wouldn’t in any way accept such an inhuman extension of your oppression from the usual police brutalities and racism and now to our websites.

If forgotten, we best remind the white folks that, gone are the days you enslaved us and maltreated us. Now is a new era of liberty, human rights, and freedoms. The Black has rights and must be respected. White folks stop teaching us how to live our lives! We have come of age and have had enough of your supremacy on every side of our lives in this land.

Simply stop posting racist comments like:

“…Because the ugly truth behind backLivesMatter is that black people killing other black people do nothing to advance its political power in the same way that one white cop killing a black criminal will…”    

It looks like the white folks out there always want to meddle in the affairs of Black Lives Matter anytime anyway and yet fail to point out police brutalities. That’s hypocrisy in its highest form. It becomes much more annoying when such white folks point out “Black-on-Black” crime because it seems to be an issue for discussion that every “pink- nosed” person stops by.

We, therefore, sound this strong word of caution to such white people who post racist comments on Black websites to desist from such hypocritical and inhumane acts.

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