Freeing Kevin Cooper: Number One Goal For Black Community!

A rally in support of Kevin Cooper, a Black man who has been on death row for over 30 years for the crime he didn't commit.

It’s a shame that innocent Kevin Cooper is still on a death row.

American law system is working like in a typical racist totalitarian country. This statement would make many honest patriots mad, but it’s true since Kevin Cooper is imprisoned for the crimes he didn’t commit.

Over 30 years he stays under trial. 5 federal judges made 103 pages report, arguing that “The court imposed unreasonable conditions, refused discovery that should have been available as a matter of course” and concluding “The State of California may be about to execute an innocent man”.

When the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dept. indicated that a Black man was being held as a suspect, a stuffed monkey was hanged outside the courthouse with a sign that said: “Kill the N*****.” This event only proves that Kevin Cooper’s trial is a part of the racist policy of switching every guilt to the black people.

Kevin Cooper was accused of brutally murdering four people in 1983, including two children in the Chino Hills, a suburb of Los Angeles. But the sole survivor, Josh Ryen, had told that the murders were committed by 3 or 4 white men. Many other pieces of evidence including the results of DNA test tell every sane person that Kevin Cooper is innocent.
By blaming Kevin the State of California is keeping the real killers of Ryen’s family from fair punishment for more than 30 years.

We must stop it now! That’s why we are organizing a rally on 15th of June in Oakland. You’re kindly welcome to join us! Kevin will be calling in to talk to his supporters.

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