Baltimore Black Teen Wowed Judges on ‘America’s got Talent’

"It's not just the voice, it's not just the performance. You have everything," Louis Tomlinson, a special guest judge and star of One Direction describes Jayna Brown’s performance.

14-year-old Jayna Brown thrilled judges and audience on “America’s Got talent” show with her performance of the song “Rise Up.” The stage act of the beautiful young Black girl earned a standing ovation from all present.

Louis Tomlison, a star of One Direction who happened to be a guest judge at the show did not hesitate to hit the golden buzzer at the end of the performance, sending the 14-year-old singer into the next stage of the competition. “You, young lady, have just turned this competition upside down,” judge Simon Cowell also added.

Speaking about her intention for participating in the contest, Jayna Brown disclosed that, there was much more at stake than just the price and title. She made a touching revelation about her family’s financial obscurity. She stated that she and her mom currently live with friends and family due to their inability to acquire an accommodation for themselves.

The success story of this young talented Black teen hardly makes way into mainstream media. There are a lot of Black teens, which despite the obstacles they face, rise to attain their goals in life. But unfortunately, such stories are not captured in the mainstream media. The only image they purposefully display of the Black teen is that of violence.

What makes the success of Black people extraordinary is the fact that they have to put in triple the effort every other American would have in order to attain their goals. On their journey to achieve success, they have to deal with racism, police brutality, inequality, and injustice. These challenges are just not obstructions but “dream killers” hence their success must be valued and applauded.

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