Grow Your Business With Twitter

Twitter can help you to grow your business. It is easy! Take 4 steps and make it work.

A lot of companies still consider Twitter as merely a public interaction tool, tells Black Moguls Magazine. How can you utilize Twitter to grow your business? Here are 4 revolutionary strategies to make use of the social networking website service that can benefit your business.

1. Lead generation.

Twitter can be used to get leads and grow your business,” – according to Brandon Hoffman, director of Online marketing, KEA Advertising. “For example, if you’re an automobile mechanic. You can search for phrases such as ‘need mechanic’ or perhaps ‘recommend automobile mechanic.’ searching for posters within ten miles of your company address. ” After that you can “engage them as well as possibly get a new client.” An alternative way to get potential clients on Twitter is to look out for intent- based tweets. ‘300 million tweets are delivered every day as well as 2 of the most widely used keywords on Twitter are’I want’ together with ‘I need’ according to Bernard Perrine, co-founder as well as Chief executive officer. SocialCentiv, a Twitter promoting tool. “Analyzing Twitter for key phrases as well as geolocation, companies who represent products or services that respond to the “I want” or ‘I need” tweets have got a wonderful opportunity to respond with a customized offer and appeal to a new client.”

2. Market analysis.

Are you wondering what clients would think of your new service or widget? Present it on Twitter with a customized hashtag and request for opinions,” according to Erika Taylor Montgomery, founder as well as Chief Executive Officer of Three Girls Media, a PR and social networking management company. “The systems a fast, simple as well as affordable method to acquire useful insight from a  preferred target audience.

3. Customer support

Several clients nowadays would rather get in touch with companies on Twitter for instant solutions to their challenges,” – states Susan Ganeshan, CMO, Clarabridge, a client experience management firm. “They will be able to save time instead of searching for a telephone number or email address as well as being required to wait on hold – additionally, it saves you money and grows your business. Due to the fact they are disregarded, these clients turn out to be ever more disappointed, and strive for a technique that allows reply within 1 hour.

4. Media relations.

Harness Twitter to ‘find the journalists as well as publishers that are publishing articles relating to your space and start to follow them on Twitter.” according to Mark Karayan. media strategist at LEWIS, a worldwide communications firm. “Pay attention to their discussions and jump right in to add your experience, respectfully, the moment it feels natural.
Take advantage of Twitter for media outreach,” – declares Meredith Warren, social media manager at. Idea Grove, a Public Relations firm which specializes in B2B technology.

A number of journalists might choose a tweet over a telephone call. As soon as you notice an active Twitter member on your media list, a customized tweet may be the ideal approach to get their attention. Many users simply don’t take the time to reach out through Twitter in the event that they haven’t published a tweet in half a year. Twitter is an excellent way to retain connections with crucial media influences as well as reporters,” – according to Sarah Hilmer, Communications, BcttcrWorks, the creator of goal-setting software for businesses. “You can make use of Twitter to understand their likes, hates, tool preferences as well as writing style and humor by communicating with them, which provides you with an enormous advantage when you want to grow your business and go to promote a story or business idea/product to them“.

Source: Black4Black

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