Black Man Rose Above Disability To Attain Equality

David Rector who lost his ability to walk and speak in 2009 and his fiancée, Roz Alexander-Kasparik, create a comic book entitled, ‘Recall and Given’.

David Rector, an ardent lover of comic books was faced with a difficult time in his life in March 2009. The former NPR producer had been involved in an accident which left him with an anoxic-ischemic brain injury, a condition caused by lack of oxygen to the brain.

He had moved to San Diego to pursue his dream of working on-air instead of behind the scenes. But after the accident, Rector lost his ability to speak and walk. A condition that left him broken-hearted, at that point, his life had truly hit rock bottom.

Rector’s fiancée, Roz Alexander-Kasparik shared an office space with comic industry icon Batton Lash, who suggested they making a comic inspired by David Rector’s life. That was the birth of “Recall and Given.” The graphic novel depicts Rector in the role of his favorite superheroes. Despite Rector’s condition, he still found motivation to do something he truly loves.

It has not been an easy journey for David and his fiancée since there are very few Black people in the comic industry. At this year’s comic-con held in San Diego, creator of the Black Panel, Michael Davis has invited Alexander-Kasparik to sit on his panel.

Davis’ panel began in 1998 and gets a 90-minute slot. He said the panel began as an avenue where people of color could complain about the lack of access to jobs in mainstream comic publishing companies. “Now it has become something else,” he said, “If you’re a creator, it’s easier for an African American kid to become a football player than it is to get a job in graphic or animation,” Davis explained. “I want it to be a place where you can get to the biggest stars in the industry and ask these, ‘how do you do it and how can I do it?’”

“The Black Panel is about who’s doing what in comics. It’s about African-American influence because African American influence is a youth culture,” Davis said. The motivational life story of David Rector is that of a true Black person; Black people achieve their goal despite the many unpleasant challenges. He fought on to win for equality even when couldn’t walk or talk. We have to do everything possible so that Black people can have access to good jobs, quality education, better salary, medical support etc.

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