Are Black Americans Being Suppressed?

While other minorities in America have managed to rise in social status Black Americans seem to be stagnant in development. The obvious question on the minds of many is whether Black Americans are being suppressed by White Americans.

Statistics have proved beyond reasonable doubt that some minorities in America have progressed over the years. An example can be cited of the Jews. They represent a total of about 2% of the American population. The early 20th century witnessed some stern efforts to ban the Jews from getting access to quality education in America, but they overcame it and today hold some of the topmost positions in the land.

A similar situation can be seen among Asian Americans, who form just 6% of the population of the U.S.A. This minority group experienced severe discrimination including serious hate against Japanese during the Word War II. But currently, they happen to be in control of some of the most powerful businesses in the world.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about one of the groups, which has been there since the inception of the nation. The Black Americans yet lag behind and remain impoverished. According to some facts, African immigrants coming to America are less likely to live in poverty, hence they do better than local Black Americans.

Some people have noticed that many policies in the U.S.A are designed to put the Black Americans under bondage rather than empower them. A post by a renowned Black NFL player, Christian Benjamin Watson stated that both the Blacks and Whites have some level of responsibility when it comes to the insolvency of the African-American community.

In actual sense, this isn’t a secret at all: all potentials of black race are rapidly declining. The Black community is in deep crises caused by all aspects of the American system. For example, discrimination creates a very unsuitable environment for them to fully make use of the opportunities at their disposal such as educational and career perspectives. Moreover, most families are already deprived of fathers due to mass incarceration, so degradation remains the only way. The system is designed to weaken Blacks and keep them under control.

There are hundreds of other examples, but there is still some way out of this mess and it is in staying together and resisting the system by all means possible.

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