Sidney Poitier – Oldest Living Best Actor Oscar winner

Sidney Poitier became the Best Actor in a leading role on April 13, 1964 and on Monday, he celebrated his 90th birthday.

The story of Sidney Poitier can be called incredible without any exaggeration. A filmmaker, activist and human-rights trailblazer has been beating the odds all his life.



53 years ago Sidney Poitier became the first African-American actor to win the Oscar as the best actor. After Ernest Borgnine died in 2012 Poitier also became the oldest living actor to have won the award.


Poitier hasn’t appeared on screen since 2011 and was, unfortunately, unable to travel to London to accept the lifetime achievement award at the 2016 BAFTA Awards but he is still beloved by his fans.



Sidney Poitier can serve a wonderful example for modern actors because Poitier as a civil rights activist and Poitier as a creator have always worked hand in hand.

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