Black Man Accused Of Fatally Shooting Shelby Cop Could Face Death Penalty

The district attorney has stated that he will seek the death penalty for Irving Fenner Jr.

On Wednesday morning, Rhode Island State Police SWAT team members arrested Irving Fenner Jr. at around 2:30 a.m. at an apartment in Coventry, Rhode Island after he was accused of shooting and killing Shelby police officer, Tim Brackeen.

Fenner was a suspect in a home invasion case and the cops had been searching for him when Brackeen, 38, found him at Ashley Hamrick’s, his friend’s home in Shelby. There was an exchange of gunshots between Fenner and Brackeen, which led to the officer receiving a fatal shot to his chest. The shooting happened over the weekend and Brackeen was taken to Carolinas Medical Center for treatment, but he lost his life a few days later.

The Rhode Island police stated that they decided to step their search for Fenner up a notch after they discovered that he was wanted for shooting and killing a police officer. “That’s the ultimate. You can’t do anything worse than that in this business,” a Rhode Island officer said.

Fenner stayed hidden t his sister’s and uncle’s apartment in Rhode Island, where he attended to the gunshot wound on his torso, which he sustained during the exchange of gunfire with Brackeen. Officers tracked him there and gave him a desolate warning on Wednesday morning. “Irving Fenner, this is the Rhode Island State Police. Come out with your hands up right now,” police announced outside the home.

After his arrest, he was taken to a hospital to properly nurse his wound before he was taken into the custody of the Rhode Island State Police Department. The district attorney has made it known that he will do all he can to make sure Fenner gets the death penalty.

The State Bureau of Investigation is said to be helping with the investigation of the death of Brackeen, who had been with the Shelby Police Department since July 2004.

This is quite sad to see, the rate of gun violence doesn’t look like simmering down, does it? Fenner is accused of murder and the district attorney is already beating his drum about seeking the death penalty for the offender. Would he have strived to get justice if it were the other way round? We need consistency in the justice system.

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