Black Beauty Queens Of Past Years. These Ladies Will Make Your Day!

Each of these Black Beauty Queens has her story, and each of them managed to make the Black girl magic work to the nth degree.

We are celebrating this Women’s History Month with the stories of Black Beauty Queens of past years. On the screen you see fair sweet ladies laughing, smiling and accepting congratulation and diamond crowns but can you imagine how difficult were their ways to the victory?!

Nowadays being a Beauty Queen is much more than giving interviews and pouncing for glossy magazines. Most of the ladies you see are activists in some sphere, they use their charm to draw attention to the urgent problems of contemporary society, they do charity and social work.

Join us in applauding to these fragile but unbelievably strong women who walk on the red carpet paving the way for young Black girls, giving them strength, and will to win not only at beauty pageants but in any field of life both in America and around the world.

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