Jamar Clark Shooting Has Shown How Divided The America Society Is

Minnesota poll shows that majority of the black residents do not side with the Hennepin County Attorney and want the two officers involved in the shooting of Jamar Clark to be charged.

May. 04,2016


After Hennepin County Attorney, Mike Freeman’s decision not to indict Dustin Schwarze and Mark Ringgenberg, the officers involved in the shooting of the black man, Jamar Clark, was announced, a survey concerning the Attorney’s decision was conducted. The poll showed that majority of the black residents seeks for the indictment of the officers.

According to a new Star Tribune Minnesota Poll, 68% of blacks responded that Attorney Mike Freeman’s decision was wrong. Only 17% of black respondents felt the decision of Freeman supported the Attorney’s decision. In contrast, 66% of whites think that Freeman’s decision is agreeable while 11% say it’s not.

The poll of 1,001 registered voters has revealed a stark racial divide over how Minnesotans have interpreted the events surrounding Clark’s death in November, the protests that ensued and general perceptions about how police treat black people compared with whites.

Clark was shot and killed execution style. “The boy was shot in the head,” said Kim Tucker, a poll respondent from Minneapolis who is black. “They’re trained to shoot people in different areas, and that was close range. That, to me, was an execution.” There is no doubt that the Police are waging war against blacks in America. Police officers murdered a handcuffed complying young black man in cold blood and walked free. The failure to handle the situation in which the lives of the officers were not under threat is enough for their indictment.

It’s clear that American police are not a law enforcement service but a punitive agency aimed against the black community.

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Jamar Clark Shooting Has Shown How Divided The America Society Is

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