Baton Rouge police release BLM activist Deray Mckesson

A civil rights activist and Black Lives Matter leader, Deray Mckesson who was arrested on Friday night during a protest in Baton Rouge has been released on bond.

The cities of United States have witnessed a series of protests during the last few days. Many groups have staged protests expressing their discontentment of the recent police brutalities in Minnesota and Louisiana which saw the killing of two Black men.

A civil rights activist and Black Lives Matter leader, Deray Mckesson was arrested on Friday night by the police during a protest in Baton Rouge, where Alton Sterling was shot dead by two white police officers.

The protest lasted well into the evening subsided a little after midnight. There was a heavy presence of the police to control the demonstrators as they took to the street to register their displeasure about the shooting incidences.

The Black Live Matter activist and about 100 protesters were arrested by the police for defying traffic regulations. A report by the police stated that Mckesson obstructed a roadway and stepped out into the road after several warnings by the police. Yet, the cause of the arrests remains controversial as its initial goal probably was to frighten and suppress the protesters.

Deray Mckesson was arrested while streaming the video of the protest on Periscope in which he spoke about police aggressive behavior. “The police in Baton Rouge have been truly awful tonight,” he said just before the arrest.

Nonetheless, according to Associated Press indicates that the prominent civil rights activist and Black Live Matter leader has been released on bond on Sunday afternoon. His release came in after several people stepped forward on social media to express their dissatisfaction about the circumstances surrounding his arrest and in respond, demanding for his release.

Actually, Deray’s arrest has taken much more media’s attention than the fact that besides him there were about 100 people to be arrested. He is definitely not the activist from MLK league, so why are media sources so crazy about him?

The community needs real, strong and wise leaders who will stand for its rights on the new level.

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