Black Panther Leader Speaks Over The Dallas Shooting

“It hurt him and broke his heart every day to read on social media about his people being killed by police,” said Babu Omowale, People’s New Black Panther Party activist, about Micah Xavier Johnson.

The United States has over the years witnessed one the most distasteful happenings ever; which deserves to be condemned by all. Most Black people residing the United States still live in fear; not knowing who the next victim might be. They are being killed by the very people they pay to protect them.

A report by reveals that more than 105 unarmed Black people were killed by the police in 2015. Police brutality against Black people in the United States has been one of a great concern to many. In the wake of recent police brutalities against Black people in the United States, a 25-year-old Micah Xavier Johnson shot dead five police officers in Dallas during a peaceful protest on Friday. This happened during a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest; a day after two Black men was shot dead by the police in Minnesota and Louisiana.

The former US army officer who had served in Afghanistan was alleged to have shot dead five police officers before himself was killed by the police. Per CNN report, Micah lived with his mother in the quiet Dallas suburb of Mesquite. Authorities said that he acted alone in the Dallas attack and had no known criminal history or ties to terrorist groups.

Many have associated Johnson to the Black Panther Party movement; a political organization that surfaced in the 1960’s due rampart police brutalities in California. On the other hand, the defense minister of the Black Panther Party has denied allies with Johnson, although he added that he wasn’t a “stranger” to the organization. In an interview with Aaron Klein Investigative Radio in New York, Mr. Babu Omowale said that Johnson “liked” the Facebook page of   Huey P. Newton Gun Club which he happened to be a co-founder.

He further stated that this is an act he had no control over. Being asked if he knew Johnson personally, he replied by saying that they have met on a few occasions but have never had any interactions.  Mr. Omowale who sounded emotional and aggrieved by the police brutalities against Black people said more of this could happen if steps are not taken to end the barbaric actions against Blacks in the United States.“The fact that Micah just got five of the bastards, that’s what got you all upset right now”, he roughly added suggesting that police brutality issue still has a little attention.

Yet, as the famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi says “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.” This means that the solution to stop violence is not by violence. Activists can peacefully protest and all should stand up against this inhuman act by the police in a way that wouldn’t witness the shed of human blood.

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