NYPD Cop Lies About Killing Black Motorist

A surveillance video of NYPD officer’s road-rage shooting of Black motorist on July 4th, 2016, mirrors the real truth about police brutality in our communities.

Before Friday, July 8, Officer Wayne Isaacs, a New York Police Department officer who murdered 37-year-old Delrawn Small, had been fabricating lies that Mr. Small punched him three times and as a result, he shot him in the chest. Officer Isaacs initially said he “feared for his life” because Small threatened him, but a cam video of the shooting released on Friday shows that his reaction during the road-rage confrontation was instantaneous.

The video shows officer Isaacs shooting the African-American through his police car window, whereas an initial “witness evidence” stated that Small was “punching the s—t” out of the officer.

Roger Wareham, a lawyer representing the family of the deceased, said, “From what it shows, there was no threat to the cop. Deadly force was not justified.”

According to the video, Small was shot twice within the second of approaching officer’s car. The police officer got out of his car, stood and watched Small die before returning to his car again.

Victor Dempsey, brother of the deceased, said the video shows his kin was “point-blank murdered.” He said at a press conference Friday night, “Now that I saw that video, I’m outraged. It’s time for us to get justice on it. Everything they told us from the very beginning is a lie.”

However, the NYPD is investigating the incident and the family hopes that justice will be served. This murder looks like a gang shooting or an execution, but definitely not like a proper police job. Cops like these are in charge of the racial tensions spreading all across the country and so are the authorities who fail to punish them.

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