White Racist Miami Woman Arrested For Battery

“If you just admit that I’m not on your property, then wtf are you bothering me for?”, Black woman asks racist Miami neighbor. #MoveMojito

Police have arrested a 63-year-old South Miami Maria Dorrbecker for attacking a young 24-year-old Black woman, Rayne Burse, on Sunday, June 3.

Burse reported that the woman began to follow her around the neighborhood when she was walking her dog, Mojito, near her fiancé’s home.

“I saw her coming out of her back door,” Burse explained. “I was talking with my mom on my phone but put her on hold to tell the woman, ‘I’m sorry if I’m trespassing,’ and then moved away.”

Burse, the 5 foot 11 inches model, said Dorrbecker had no tangible reason why she followed her. “She wasn’t making any sense. Telling me I’m from south Miami like I even knew what that meant, literally getting in my face, following me as I’m trying to just walk away,” Burse said.

At some instance, Burse began recording video of the incident on her cell phone, which she later posted on social media.

From the video, the racist Maria Dorrbecker is seen pointing fingers at Burse. And as she tries to grab the young lady, she gets pushed on the forehead. Burse, on the other hand, can be heard in the video saying to her pit bull, “Move Mojito”, in order to avoid the old woman.

Police later arrived at the scene and Maria Dorrbecker was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor.

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