Two Police Academies Suspended For Teaching Violence

Two Texas police training schools were suspended after a video of them teaching excessive force popped-up.

The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office Training Academy and the Lower Rio Grande Development Council (LRGVDC) Regional Police Academy were suspended until further notice for a denfensive tatic training filmed, showing how cadets should hit or use an elbow to strike suspects to get them to the ground.

The Lower Rio Grande Development Council, however, said in a statemen that the video was made purposely for “cadet instruction and feedback”. “Video feedback had not been previously utilized by LRGVDC Police Academy and after evaluating this practice and as a result of this incident, this method will not be used in the future.”

Primera Police Chief Manuel Treviño complained, after watching the awful video, that police academies have such violent types of trainings for cadets. He suggested the academies have some changes  in their trainings.

If police have such violence in their trainings, then that perfectly explains why they think they have “righs and God-given power” to kill innocent people.

The use of excessive force and is not just the fault of the individual police officer, but also the fault of the system and its leaders, which are specially organized activities to turn American police into a paramilitary punitive unit. It’s main function is to carry out reprisals against poor African-Americans and all those who disagree with the arbitrariness and lawlessness of rich people.

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