Another Black Man Shot Dead By Off-Duty NYPD Cop

Brooklyn mourns the sudden demise of yet another Black man; father of three.

Jul. 05,2016


Brooklyn experienced a horrible late evening when news of the sudden death of Delrawn Small reached his friends and family. Delrawn Small who is described as a pleasant gentleman was survived by a girlfriend and three children. It’s much disturbing to note that the incident happened in the presence of his kids and girlfriend.

The incident which happened on July 4 was indeed one of the several police killings that happen in Brooklyn that we vehemently oppose on a daily basis. Delrawn was traveling through East New York to meet up with his older brother Ali Dempsey for the Fourth of July celebration until he met his untimely death.

Giving an account of the incident, it all happened after a road-rage showdown between Delrawn and the Cop. But at the end, Delrawn surrendered. A witness to the incident said Delrawn and the cop’s car almost hit each other. Delrawn got out of the car and the cop got out as well and started screaming at Delrawn and subsequently shot Delrawn right there on the street,” said construction worker Lloyd Banks. The eye-witness also added that Delrawn was unarmed.

This is what we mean when we speak of Black brutalities. I believe it is somewhat seen as though Blacks aren’t humans and can, therefore, be maltreated and murdered anyhow. Several of the white folks engage in serious physical scuffles with the police but are never manhandled.

The Black race is tired of this oppression and there seek independent investigations into matters of this sort so that another cop wouldn’t go unpunished. Such culprits should be brought to book and punished accordingly so as to deter other “racist officers” from doing same.

To the bereaved family, we extend our condolence as we keep the united front to fight Black oppression, racism and Black brutalities here in America.

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Another Black Man Shot Dead By Off-Duty NYPD Cop
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