White Teacher Presents Black Colleague With KKK Robe

Larry Long, a retired teacher in Oklahoma is under investigation for making a bad joke.

A careerTech meeting on August 2nd in the city of Oklahoma was marred by an unpleasant incident which has a racial implication. A retired White teacher, Larry Long publicly made fun of a colleague, the only Black agriculture teacher in Oklahoma State in such a bad taste, using items associated with KKK.

Larry Long, in front of a crowd of about 500 people allegedly placed a white robe and hood on a Black teacher and also gave him a confederate flag. Long literally dressed the Black teacher in KKK apparel; making a mockery of him.

According to Tulsa World, this unpleasant incident became public after an anonymous witness sent an e-mail to lawmakers informing them about it.
The information has since generated an investigation into the case. Officials are currently looking into the case to ascertain the fact of the matter.

Paula Bowles, spokesperson for the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education said, “The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education became aware of some deplorable actions and comments made last week at one of our breakout sessions during the summer conference in Oklahoma City.”

Meanwhile, preliminary findings indicate that the Black teacher was actually given a robe and a hood, Marcie Mack, CareerTech Director told reporters on Wednesday.

According to Stillwater paper, on Thursday, long rendered an unqualified apology saying; “I want to apologize for my actions at the Career Tech meeting on Aug. 2 in Oklahoma City.”

He further stated that “While there I attempted to make a joke with a colleague whom I respect and admire. I have apologized to him personally but that is not enough. I want to take this opportunity to apologize publicly and state that my conduct was highly inappropriate.”I never intended to convey any racist actions or comments. I realize now that what I said and did was harmful, offensive and hurtful.”

Words and actions have its penalty and hence people should act more responsibly in their dealings. America is in particularly sensitive times with issues relating to racism. This is not the time for bad taste jokes. This teacher does not deserve to serve in any leadership capacity and should be penalized for his unpardonable action. It was a planned act of racism, period!

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