Judge Receives $5k And Probation For Ordering For The Shock Of A Black Defendant

A former Maryland judge has been placed on probation with a $5,000 fine on Thursday for ordering an officer to Taser a peaceful black defendant in the court room.

Robert C. Nalley of La Plata, Maryland, was sentenced Thursday in federal court to a year anger-management class and a fine of $5’000 for a human rights violation in the courtroom when he asked an officer to Taser a defendant, FOX4Beaumont  reported.

Nalley who presided over the case in 2014 admitted that he ordered for the activation of the “stun-cuff” which was on the black man’s ankle. Even though he acknowledged the unreasonable use of the stun, he had already violated the defendant’s right and that led to his suspension.

But the point is, why did he realize it was wrong afterwards? He had several options to have dealt with the situation, but chose the “wrong way” because of his anger and hatred for a black skinned person.  Most American judges allow their wrong perceptions over blacks precede their judgement, and most blacks are behind bars because of such ungodly situations.

Nalley must be fired, in order for it to serve as a warning to judges who are in the same boat with Nalley. Lack of respect for blacks by judges has become excessive and it’s high time the government should do something about it.

Watch the video below.

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