Top 5 Exclusive Interviews With BlackMattersUS

“Your Voices Matter” showcases 5 most exciting, captivating, informative and educative interviews of the moment.

The thrills and grills of our usual interviews come to you in a much excited and mind-intriguing package to enhance your reading pleasure. Get glued to your reading seats we take a full ride through our interview collections of the moment.

1. Philadelphia was bombed some decades by a police helicopter.  The city was gutted by fire and the resulting explosions left eleven people lifeless. As to why such a fate on that day, a member of the MOVE organization, Ramona Africa talked about it with us.

2. Everyone has heard about Trayvon Martin and his dreadful death at the hands of George Zimmerman. However, the murder cover-up and what Zimmerman actually did has not been told in any mainstream media. Well,an exclusive Interview with Gina McGill, who is an activist, a writer, and an investigative researcher, reveals the whole truth behind the Trayvon Martin’s murder.

3. Did you know how sophisticated a Black woman can be? A Black woman is a phenomenon that is hard to explain but always pleasant to watch and follow. That’s why talking to an educated Black woman like Raqiyah Mays is our personal Paradise. The interview with Raqiyah Mays takes us a ride of how it feels  to be a Black woman in America.

4. Have you ever experienced a national revolution in your lifetime? Don’t be taken unawares as one will shortly take place. Micah White, the creator of Occupy Wall Street, furnishes us with the Revolution Manual. See that for yourself.

5. Were you at the Alton Sterling’s protest march? If not, you missed a lot. But all hope is not lost. Your favorite corner of the BM’s website,“Your Voices” brings to your reading pleasure firsthand descriptive picture of the day. An interview with Aaron Banks, an activist uncovers it all.

“Your Voices” seeks to maximize your voice on a global platform as we present you more intriguing interviews in the coming days.

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