Massachusetts Man Arrested For Assaulting Black Teens With Hammer

A 24-year-old white man, Gianpaolo Cerretani, was arrested for attacking a group of Black and Hispanic teens, torturing one of them with a hammer.

According to reports, Gianpaolo Cerretani,  attacked a group of young men and teens from Everett on Revere Beach Sunday evening, June 19. He shouted at the youth racial slurs and struck one of them with a hammer.

It all started when Cerretani forcefully took a ball from a young child at the beach and the young African-Americans and Hispanics decided to take it back from him and give to the owner.

While they tussled for the ball, Cerretani struck an 18-year-old Hispanic teen from Lowell with a hammer. The victim suffered injuries to his hand as he tried protecting his head.

Cerretani was arrested by the Massachusetts State Police and was charged with civil rights violations, hate crime, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, resisting arrest and many others.

Police investigation found out that Cerretani might have been under the influence of alcohol. Where he got the hammer from to bring to the beach is yet a mystery.

It is important that Cerretani was held without bail, because he is obviously dangerous to the society. Hopefully he will be condemned on a hate crime and receive proper punishment. Such men in our communities, full of hate, should be isolated.

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