Tennessee Black Teen Offered To Carry Groceries For Food

Black teen, who was helping customers to carry their purchases in a grocery store, hoping to earn some food, has finally received enough money to start a new life.

The life of a sad and hungry looking 16-year-old African-American in Tennessee, Chauncy Jones, has changed for good after he offered to help carry a Memphis resident’s groceries from a store in exchange for food. Matt White explained the story of the teen on Facebook.

White wrote, saying “all the while we talked and he told me how he makes straight A’s in school and is trying to get a job to help his mom pay rent. This kid was amazing. Jones kept calling himself poor, but he told me that one day he was gonna be wealthy and own his own businesses so that he could help other people in his neighborhood and buy them groceries like me”.

After conversing and offloading the grocery bags, White sympathized with the teen and decided to help him.

He later created a GoFundMe account after his post took the media’s attention, listing items needed for Jones to pay for an ID he can use to apply for a job and money that can help sustain him and his mother. First he had set a $90,000 goal, but amazingly the account has already raised $131,565. We hope this money will help the kid to find his place in this life and never feel desperate again.

This story shows how one person’s attention can improve someone’s life. As a community, we can make the world a better place by just caring for one another.

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