Chicago Cop To Be Fired For Calling Obama N-Word

The head of Chicago’s IPRA, Sharon Fairley, has recommended an on-duty officer to be fired for calling President Obama a n****r.

According to Chicago Sun-Times, the racist remark was made during a meeting to decide on “who would cover the president’s detail for a Bulls game”.

The Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA), after reviewing a complaint filed by one of the officers who were present at the meeting, reported that some of the cops refused to testify during interviews.

In a letter sent to Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson on May 12, the agency stated that “[T]en out of twelve District 12 Department members [nine officers and one sergeant], when interviewed by IPRA about the incident claimed that they were either not present when the remark was uttered or did not hear the remark. This is troubling.”

Officials recently reported that the unidentified racist cop finally admitted calling President Obama the N-word after series of interrogations and also named other officers who witnessed the incident.

Frank Giancamilli, spokesman for the CPD, said in a statement that “the Chicago Police Department has zero tolerance for racism or misconduct and racial biases are already prohibited by CPD’s general orders – period.”

Although Sharon Fairley has recommended the officer to be sacked from his job, the other witnesses who claimed they weren’t there or never heard racist and disrespectful remarks should as well be terminated from work.

These offensive words show us that American cops don’t have any respect to black people, no matter is it a president or a local citizen. All the Police Departments should be reformed and all the racist cops should be fired and never hired in force again.

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