Another Racist Confederate Flag Down In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf ordered to remove Confederate Flag as it serves as a symbol of racism and hate.

Jun. 19,2016


When Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown, chairwoman of the black legislators’ caucus, at first removed the Confederate Flag, some racist exhibit organizers kept it up again. Finally Gov. Tom Wolf ordered Wednesday, June 15, to get rid of the flag from a Flag Day exhibit in the state Capitol as it symbolizes slavery and racism.

Brown, who took the Confederate battle flag to the House Speaker, said, “I just did what I thought was right and I took the flag down.” A historical society board member, Debra Markle, complained that Brown “had no right” to do what she did. “She knows what protocol is, and that was not protocol,” Markle said.

However, Gov. Tom Wolf’s spokesman, Jeff Sheridan, said, “the Confederate flag is a symbol of racism and hatred and he [Gov. Wolf] doesn’t think it should be displayed in a state building.” He also added that “two other Confederate reproductions were removed from the exhibit”, but there are plans to return them back to the historical society.

Government officials of color like Vanessa Brown, who really care about racial issues, are what the States need in order to fight against racism.

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Another Racist Confederate Flag Down In Pennsylvania
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