Racism In Beauty Industry Is Spreading

“He said he didn’t have the time to do my hair and that my hair was like an animal he couldn’t tackle.”

Bianca Dawkins went through the pain of having to face a Stylist, Justin Waltenberg, who was supposed to straighten her beautiful curly hair. To her surprise, he started grumbling that he didn’t have time to straighten it up and with all his experience and skills, he wouldn’t be able to handle her ‘animal’ hair.

He didn’t even stop there, he went on to call 5 other stylists to come and see, who could do her hair, but none of them could do what she wanted. It looked very much like a mockery.

“So, what? Black girls can’t come in here and get their hair done?” she asked.

Well, it isn’t the 1950s or ’60s, where we can just put up a sign in the window,” Waltenberg replied.

Prior to this time, she had made an appointment by calling to book a two-hour window frame and describing what style she wanted to have so that they would get the person, who could do this. But after all the humiliation and insults she received from this racist stylist, she left and went to VIP Hair and Nails Salon. She couldn’t stand it any longer.

When the day was over, she posted her unsatisfactory appointment at the white salon on Facebook which went viral. Dawkins remarks which she posted June 10, “I really felt disrespected being that I had already called a couple days before to let them know I would need a two-hour window frame and someone who could do my hair. What hurts my feelings the most, is that today my hair was called an animal by a white man who knows nothing about black girl curls. I’m disappointed.”

The owner of the saloon, Denny Kemp, replied on their Facebook page June 10.

Though we believe that our stylist meant no harm and simply spoke inarticulately, his words were perceived as hurtful and completely contrary to what our salon stands for,” it said in part. “We have reached out to the client to apologize to her directly and spoken with our stylist in order to ensure that he understands that his words – intentional or not – were improper and offensive.”

Despite this unfortunate racist encounter, the salon still has Waltenberg as an employee because “he’s a good stylist.”

From this story, we can see how racism doesn’t only exist but is in every sphere of life. Some white people refuse to agree that institutional racism still exists but facts in this video may drastically change their perception.

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