Black New York City Fire Captain Exposed As Having A Secret Rap Career

“F--k them cops and swats with night vision. I see your traps and your plots to dead us, y'all rolling with Kojaks, n---a, I got Berettas,” he raps in one of his songs.

A New York Fire Department captain, Kaseem Ryan, has been outed after it was discovered he is living a ‘double life’ as a rapper who raps about violence and presents an ‘anti-police image’. Kaseem Ryan, 44, is assigned to Engine Co. 235 in the Brooklyn neighborhood Bedford-Stuyvesant and goes by the stage name Ka. He released an album “The Night’s Gambit” in 2013.

Ryan was exposed by The New York Post on Sunday. In an interview a few years ago, he said he lived two lives but never said he was a firefighter. “I’m living two lives, man. I’m trying to be who I am in the day and then trying to feed my soul at night with being the artist that I want to be,” he said.

According to Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, Ryans rapping persona is completely different from his day job. “The biases he portrays through his music are indicative of what he believes or feels,” Mullins told The Post. “As a New York City firefighter, he should be trying to bring people together rather than fracture relationships, especially in communities of color,” he added

Racism extends to all Blacks, regardless the type of job. Moreover, we must realize that this man could really be bored of the lawlessness, which he has seen from the inside and he uses his alter ego to voice out his concerns. Obviously, there are lots of Black men in law enforcement that could relate to such a case whereby they see injustice from the inside but can’t do or say anything about it.

Source: BPR Bizpac Review

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