Black Man Gets Almost $100K For Being ‘Manhandled And Roughed Up’

"They wanted to stay under six figures," Anthony Greene said. "We agreed to go at that ($99,999) number."


Black man who was “manhandled and roughed up” by a Grand Rapids Police officer finally received the settlement. The incident happened in May 2011, more than 5 years ago.

Jolly Jackson, was pulled over by Grand Rapids Police officer for not having his headlights on.  As it is the habit of racist cops, he ordered him to get out of his car, searched and found nothing but went ahead to handcuff Jackson kicking him with knee in the process.

The defendant, which is the city, argued that Jackson “resisted the officers by repeated and continued failure or refusal to comply with their lawful commands and by physically resisting their lawful attempt to handcuff him.”

However, these accusations were overruled. According to the federal judge reviewing the civil lawsuit, Jackson was “largely complaint” and that officers might have infringed on his Constitutional rights.

The entire factual record contradicts Defendants’ contention that consent was given for any search, and calls into question the Officers’ basis for any ‘reasonable suspicion’ that Jackson was ‘armed and dangerous,’ or probable cause for his ‘arrest,'” U.S. District Court Judge Paul Maloney reported on the case after declining the city’s proposal to come out with the suit.

Jackson’s attorney said they took the settlement because he didn’t want to see his client “to re-live all of it” in a trial.

We want to congratulate Mr. Jackson for triumphing over this case and showing us all that we can actually achieve justice if we fight for it and never give up.

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