Brutal Alabama Cop Fatally Shoots Black Teen Holding Cellphone

A mobile police officer fatally shot a 19-year-old black teen, Michael Moore, during a traffic stop Monday, June 13 in Toulminville, Alabama.

On Monday, just before 6:30 p.m., a police officer shot and killed an African-American, Michael Moore, as he stepped out of his car with his cellphone in his hand.

Moore and his two friends were driving on the Stanton Road, near USA Medical Center, when the officer stopped them for overtaking another driver. The officer told Moore to step out of the car knowing that he hadn’t a driver’s license.

The officer reported that he shot Moore because he believed that the black teen had a gun with him.

A neighbor, Willie Westbrook, who saw the incident, explained that as the black teen stepped out of his car holding his cellphone, the officer straight way shot him without a second taught. Even when the teen fell on the ground, the officer was still not satisfied, so he stood over him and continued shooting.

“… after he shoots him the fourth time, he says don’t move turn over. The guy couldn’t turn over…,” Westbrook said. She told officials that the teen didn’t pose any threat to the officer.

The police department, carrying out an investigation of the shooting, says that the officer, whose name has not been disclosed, had no body camera on him because he wasn’t yet on the clock.

Cases like these when cops prejudice black people happen day and night in almost every state. Police officers take our kids’ lives like they don’t cost a thing. It’s not an “incident” but a systematic violence stacked against black communities.

One might say Moore had stolen the car, but even if he did, did he deserve death for this crime? And if he was shot dead for stealing a car or for not driving properly, then what should be done with the killer-cop?

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