Racial Discrimination You Wouldn’t Notice

There is subtle racial discrimination in many habitual activities of white people but nobody seems to notice these until told.

Black people face racial discrimination daily, sometimes you wouldn’t even understand what is happening. Let’s talk about… tipping. Yes, it may surprise you, but t “tipping is an institution is rooted in the history of slavery,” as Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges said.

“The notion of tipping is not native to America but was imported from Europe just as slaves were emancipated. At that time, restaurants and railroads insisted that the now-former slaves who were working in those industries were not worthy of earning a wage and should subsist on the kindness of customers’ tips alone,” Hodges explains. And this might be a story from the past if it would continue nowadays.

For example, efforts by Black Lives Matter and other activist groups to get the minimum wage increased are blocked by some representatives of the service industry just because their employees often get tipped.

Moreover leaving tips often becomes a tool of racial discrimination.

Unfortunately, there are other nasty practices originating in the era of slavery and white people are not yet ready to drop these.

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