A Message To Black Americans From ‘Canada’s Black Guy’

‘Canada’s Black Guy’ wants you to quit on America’s race system that is designed to work against you.

Have you ever asked yourself what the solution to American racism is?

If you have struggled with finding a solution to our nation’s racist system, it’s time to worry no more!

In the hilarious video below, a man, going by the name “Canada’s Black Guy,” presents you a spot on description of America’s pervasive racist system and gives you way out of it.

While this video is entirely meant to be a joke, it actually touched on some key facts that will make you consider switching citizenship in search of your ‘American Dream,’ which is elsewhere roaming around with a Canadian passport and a maple leaf insignia on its right chest.

Given that your healthcare will be paid for by the Canadian government and you or your children would get a decent education without working the rest of your lives to pay for it, you might start considering sweater-clad man’s advice of renouncing your American citizenship and crossing over before the wall is built.

But let us not give up hope on fixing racism in America just too soon.

Let’s give America another chance – perhaps, for the thousandth time now!

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