“FLASHBACKS” by Wiley Adams Jr.

A heartful poem by Wiley Adams "@iamlilwiley"

My grandmother Closed her eyes and thought she was Young Again
Because Yesterday they Lynched Another Nigga
Another Black Man Dead because of the Tone of his skin
But instead of a noose this Time they used A Trigger
She smiled and said at least it was Quicker
See she can remember when before they killed a man, they beat a man
Cut his nuts off and made em watch his self bleed just to rub it in
She asked me could I unplug the color TV because it seems we’ve got a bad case of being color blind
Expressed that if we went back to the white and black screen then maybe we could get a better look at our Colored minds
Cuz it seems lately we’ve been trying to blend in too much,
too many filters,
Too many photoshops purposely created to take the melanin out our souls
and delete the thoughts of being Black and beautiful from our minds
I tuned in to ESPN and she thought Charles Barkley was a white man
She asked baby who’s the honkey on there expressing he could give 2 shits about black skin
Said his name she didn’t see his face so she still think he’s white
I Guess with a last name like Barkley then even me too would of thought I was Right
When I told granny to open her eyes she woke up looked around and stood at surprise
Then with a smirk she Cried,
And in that moment I realized
That I felt my granny Pain
Cuz that smurk meant hurt
And those tears meant shame
Because after 71 years of being in This white man world,
She had to Regretfully admit
Ain’t a damn Thang Changed
They just took the shackles off our feet
And put The shackles on our Brains

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