Hollywood Racist Street Names Should Be Changed

Activists are campaigning to change the names of some Hollywood streets.

Jun. 03,2016


At the time when racism was at its peak Hollywood developer J.W. Young created a region known as Liberia, which was specifically designed for blacks, because they were not accepted in the city.

A local historian, Dr. Joan Mickelson, explained that the streets of Liberia were originally named “for U.S. cities with large black populations.” But all changed after Young died.

The street names were changed to serve as a memorial to racist men, who waged war on black people. Famous Atlanta Street soon changed into Forrest Street, after Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, the founder of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).  Other streets, such as the Hood Street and Lee Street, were also named after racist Confederate general and Commander. These men used to brutalize blacks in slavery.

A resident of the Forrest Street, Carmella Gardner, said that the street names were changed to mentally abuse African-Americans knowing that they were raped and massacred by these KKK members.

Carmella said, “It’s psychological play, actually. They say they want us to be free, yet at the same time they place these signs of oppression and degradation. It’s like they want to show they are still in power and in control. It’s abusive.

In fact racism is not made of actions of some incompetent police officers, or brutal youth, or Confederate flags, it’s just all around.

Black people are more traumatized by small things than one can imagine, as they have to face humiliation on daily basis. These street names are really meaningful, they are a part of heritage that contributes to the glorification of slavery. Changing them back to original ones will help to curb racism and restore historical justice..

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Hollywood Racist Street Names Should Be Changed
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