Texas Cop Charged With Murder For Killing Teen Allegedly Breaking Into A Car

On Wednesday a suburban Dallas police officer was arrested on the charges of murdering a 16-year-old, who allegedly broke into a vehicle.

Authorities announced that off-duty Farmers Branch officer Ken Johnson was taken into custody Wednesday night by Addison, Texas police officers and is to be sent to Dallas County Jail.

Officials said on Sunday evening that a parking lot near Johnson’s apartment was a parking car, which was broken into by some young guys. Officer Johnson said he engaged in a chase as they ‘took to their heels’.

The shooting resulted when the vehicle of the suspects broke down along the road and Jose Raul Cruz lost his life in the process, while the other juvenile, who was shot, hospitalized.

Johnson’s Attorney has said he feared for his life.

Paul Spencer, Addison’s Police Chief, said in a statement on Wednesday that there was absolute reason for Johnson’s arrest and a little time was needed for an investigation.

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