Minneapolis Police Union President Calls BLM A Terrorist Group

“Real black leaders will tell you this is a terrorist organization that puts out false narratives,” MPD union President Lt. Bob Kroll says.

On Wednesday, June 1, president of Minneapolis police union, Bob Kroll, made an insulting statement about Black lives Matter, an organization formed after high profile killings of innocent African-Americans to protect the rights of blacks, care about their well-being, and bring justice to communities.

Lt. Kroll accused BLM organization of being a terrorist group that instigates and misleads black people. He said, “I don’t see Black Lives Matter as a voice for the black community in Minneapolis.” Such statements show that Bob Kroll, being the President of MPD union, lacks knowledge about the role of the BLM in the society.

Kroll further spoke about the fatal shooting of Jamar Clark by two Minneapolis officers, claiming that the cops had every right to kill the black man, even though he was handcuffed.

Janee Harteau, Minneapolis Chief of Police noted that Kroll’s statements were divisive and that he was not speaking as the president for the police union. In such a situation it is best for Kroll to apologize for his controversial statements and resign, because he clearly shows that he cannot perform his duties impartially.

Over the week, U.S. Attorney Andy Luger said the two Minneapolis cops, Dustin Schwarze and Mark Ringgenberg, who fatally shot Jamar Clark, will not be charged.

BLM exists to fight against injustice in communities.  Police murder innocent blacks and go scot-free while the families of their victims live in distress. The activists stand for the interests of men, who have been ripped of their human rights and that is why the community chooses them.

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