How Wendy’s Restaurant Deals With Racism

Black Florida Highway Patrol trooper finds an insulting receipt at Wendy's restaurant.

Recent reports say that Wendy’s restaurant sacked an employee after a Black trooper had noticed an old receipt with the n-word on it. The receipt was found near the cash register and the racial slur was printed instead of the customer’s name.

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“If my kids were here eating dinner and I had to show them this receipt, or say they saw it?” the trooper asked later. “My 6-year-old is learning to read, and the first thing he would say is, ‘What is this word?’”


Upon the trooper’s claim Wendy’s restaurant started an investigation which resulted in firing an unidentified employee responsible for the incident.


We can say that the case is closed, but the root of the problem is still deep in the American soil. A racist is gone from Wendy’s but racism unfortunately isn’t.

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