White Pickup Driver Targets A Black Man For Parking Lot

A video posted on Facebook shows a pickup truck driver confronting an African-American in Minneapolis.

The 4.52 minutes video, which was posted on Tuesday March 15 on a Facebook page, got over 14,000 views in less than 36 hours.

In the video, the white guy with a band tied to his head screams and use slur languages on the Black guy who parked just few inches off lane. He called him mother*cker and shouted, “Fuck you niggers. There, there I said it. Fuck you niggers.”

He said, “The police just do what they wanna do; they just shoot the niggers, right? That’s what they do in north Minneapolis. They shoot an innocent kid, yep.” He implied that people don’t really care about Blacks so he can say or do whatever he wants.

At the moment no additional information is available on this white pickup truck driver.

As activists, we would love to see this man charged with hate crime.

Share the news and help to restore justice in our communities.



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