Is Death Best Punishment For Dylann Roof?

Charleston church shooter, accused of killing 9 African-Americans during a Bible study last year, will face the death penalty. What could the capital sentence lead to?

The sickening Charleston shooting that killed 9 black people during a peaceful prayer service landed a 21-year-old white supremacist Dylann Roof in jail. Almost a year after massacre U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced that the Justice Department will seek the death penalty for the criminal.

Following this statement, an American journalist Ta-Nehisi Paul Coates doubts that the death penalty in the case of Roof may deliver justice. Fighting force with force approach is not the ultimate way to prove Black lives matter. It certainly won’t help to achieve racial equality African-Americans have been striving for long years.

Those, who find it hard to resist the impulse to kill Roof, should remember Martin Luther King Jr. who was preaching nonviolence.

Coates believes that Roof’s execution may only heighten tension and spark a new wave of violence among white supremacists.

While families were grieving the deaths of those sadistically killed, the hate groups’ leaders posted their violent, racist comments greeting and praising Roof hours after the slaughter.

“I, for one, am very glad to see young people like Dylan Roof acting like men instead of the old 60’s era hippies stoned on weed and interracial love. We had better see much more of this type of activism if we ever expect to see our America return to it’s [sic] rightful place in the world and our children grow up in a clean safe healthy environment [sic].”, neo-Nazi leader Morris Gulett wrote.

Most white people think that Blacks are intellectually inferior. They think it’s natural for us to take revenge. We think otherwise. There is no sense in arguing with people whose distorted views prevent them from looking at African-Americans from another angle. Instead, we will show that we don’t want Roof’s life in exchange for the lives lost in the Charleston shooting. We will let no white murderer soil our hands. We will leave him to be eaten up with his own conscience, which destroys his feeble mind.

Join us Saturday, June 18th for a rally in remembrance of the 9 victims of racial injustice.

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