Survey On America’s Most Hateful Colleges Goes Wrong receives backlash from critics after publishing a survey about top American colleges that tweet racial slurs the most.

The site that helps students find schools of their choice,, soon removed the statistics of colleges within a three mile radius that have the most hateful tweets, after critics misinterpreted the data.

The survey collected a statistics of hate words such as “raghead”, “junglebunny”, “fag”, “nigger” and made a comparison of colleges with “Most Anti-Black Tweets”, “Most Anti-Gay Tweets”, and “Most Derogatory Tweets.”

The Southeast Missouri State University was found to be the most hateful college on the list followed Suny Cortland, New York.

Yale University and Albertus Magnus College topped the list of colleges that use derogatory words towards women the most.

The authors of the study wrote in a statement that “the study could have spurred thoughtful discussion of the impact of derogatory language on society. By highlighting the derogatory words tweeted, the affected colleges and universities had an opportunity to address, denounce, and educate. But the findings were misconstrued and sensationalized beyond recognition, undermining the potential useful purpose of the study.”

Some schools in the U.S. are still been segregated. After decades of segregation, Mississippi school district was recently forced to be fully consolidated, starting from 2016/2017 academic year.

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