Leaked Texts Show San Francisco Cops Compare Blacks To ‘Wild Animals’

Dozens of racist text messages released by the San Francisco public defender on Tuesday showed how the city cops compare Black people to “Wild Animals.”

According to TPM News, leaked racist text messages depict how police officers in San Francisco have categorized Black people as “Wild Animals.” The black residents of the city are not surprised with this news because minorities feel increasingly harassed by both the police and the developers who have chosen traditionally ethnic neighborhoods as a place for new condos.

“In many respects we have a history and tradition of progressive politics that has ironically worked against reform, because I think it took a long time for people to recognize that even in San Francisco, we can have the same problems as Ferguson,” San Francisco Supervisor David Campos said with reference to the Missouri mass protest. “We think we’re above it all,” Campos said, “and we’re not.”

However, the words of the city’s Supervisor do not reflect the real situation at all, because we all know how racist the police are and how the government shields them. Police officers not only compare blacks to wild animals but also kill because of racism.

Shocking evidence and facts about the racism among police officers have been provided over the years, but neither authorities nor government made any efforts to handle the issue. All the cops caught while committing hate-crimes are still wearing badges and patrolling the streets of our city.

Seems there is no way to fight police profiling as the system has made it possible for racist cop to wear badge and hold gun.

We need to make a white officer think twice putting bullet in a black person. It is time to consider racism as a hate crime and there must be no place for racists in the Force!

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