Activists Give Aid To Flint Residents Once Again

Government and mainstream media have absolutely abandoned citizens in the Flint Water Crisis.

It’s getting to ages already since the Flint water crisis started, which was caused by government officials failing to treat domestic and drinking water. But it seems like no government official cares.

Since April 2014, many lives have been lost through the crisis and hundreds of citizens, especially African-Americans in Flint, Michigan, have been affected by lead poisoning. But what has been done to remedy the problem?

The problem instead continues to worsen as citizens struggle to get a bottle of water to drink or cook with. The poor struggle to get bottled water to even bath or clean dishes.

A video posted on Facebook shows a Flint resident pointing to a hill of bottled water, saying, “…and this is how we bathe.”

Even though the media and the government have forgotten about these citizens who deserve the most basic human rights, activists from all over the country still hear their cries.

An anonymous group of activists travelled to Flint on Memorial Day in order to rescue citizens with tremendous amount of donated water.

One of the activists asked some of the citizens whether government officials are making efforts to fix the disaster. A woman answered saying: “What can we do? We’re not contacted by anybody. Nobody knocks on our door.”

What the Michigan government failed to do is good citizens from different states are doing- to come to the aid of those in crisis. That just shows how incompetent the Flint government has become.

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