Violent Cops Say “We Are Not Afraid Of YouTube”

A video posted on YouTube Friday, May 20, shows the ugly truth about police misconducts in America.

Peoria cops unlawfully harassed, threatened and detained a man, who was taking a video in public.

The man taking the video explained that he and his wife went shopping and he “was hoping to get some shots of Peoria’s Motorcycle Cops”.  But then, he was assaulted and “pressured to leave under color of law”.

In the video, a police officer, Grow with badge no. 877, says the man taking the video from a sidewalk has not committed any crime. Officer Grow then threatens to fabricate a false charge of “Disorderly Conduct” against the innocent man.

Officer Grow says he has nothing to hide but calls for back up and pushes the man’s camera he is using to film him.

Few minutes later, a gang of police officers shows up to join Officer Grow in harassing the man. After moments of aggressive harassment, the man says, “I’m going to make a YouTube video” and one of the cops responds, “Who cares about YouTube.”

When has video-making become a crime? These police officers really think they are above the law and that they have the right to violate citizens’ rights. The video below shows a man being harassed by Peoria cops.

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