Journalists Arrested For Covering Justice For Corey Jones Rally

Florida police officers arrested journalists and forced protesters to move off public property during a peaceful #JusticeForCoreyJones protest.

A video published by the Daily Haze on Thursday, May 26, shows Florida cops arresting a dozen of journalists for trespassing, during a peaceful protest for Corey Jones, a black man who was shot dead by a police officer in Florida.

The cops, some of whom refused to show their identifications, accused the journalists for crossing rail tracks while trying to give a media coverage on the rally, which was meant to protest against the Palm Beach County’s State Attorney David Aronberg for his decision not to charge Jones’ killer, Officer Nouman Raja.

Meko Haze, a Daily Haze journalist who was among those arrested, said the police officers acted aggressively against protesters that were peacefully demonstrating.

George Bennett, a Palm Beach Post reporter, was also among those arrested Friday. Bennett and five others are to appear in court for trespassing.

According to reports, six other journalists, who couldn’t provide their identification details, were held in jail at the Palm Beach County.

Even thought the protest was peaceful, these journalists and protesters were arrested anyways. But there is no law that prohibits citizens from expressing their opinion.

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